What we are doing goes back in time.
Drying is the oldest form of food preservation, and beef jerky is the oldest form of dried food. Used by virtually every ancient culture dried meat was probably, like many of mankind’s most useful discoveries, learned by accident.
The discovery of Jerky allowed humans to both store food for long periods of time and have an easily carried, dense source of nutrition to take with them on journeys. Jerky is both flavorful and compact and almost any meat can be made into jerky. Some say Native Americans made the first jerky  thousands of years ago, while others say an ancient Inca tribe called the Quechua made jerky as early as the 1500’s.
When the first Europeans arrived in the New World, they found that the Natives were making a dried meat product that did not need to be consumed immediately and they instantly knew that jerky would be beneficial to them. What the Native American tribes called “pemmican” was jerky meat added to either crushed dried fruit or animal fat. The Native Americans taught the settlers how to cut and prepare the meat into long strips and later shared with them the entire jerky-making process and some variations of seasonings to make different recipes. With this newfound knowledge and time-tested recipe, the European pioneers found themselves cooking and consuming jerky more than ever before; it was absolutely the snack of choice.
Jerky reached its height of popularity during the expansion into North America, where traders and explorers prized it as an essential source of nutrition as they traveled to new areas with limited accessibility to fresh food and supplies along the way. The fact that meat could be hunted anywhere along the trails that the settlers were following to the West made this method of preparing meat an extremely valuable skill.  As the industrial age in America approached many companies saw the potential of producing jerky products in large quantities for mass consumption. Today millions of people around the world now enjoy jerky products. Join us and enjoy the world’s healthiest and best tasting snack!
We may use better technology in the drying process to ensure consistency and we might use high tech testing programs to ensure that our jerky is adequately preserved, but at the end of the day the procedure is the same as it was 40’000 years ago.

what we do

JERKY is what we specialize in, but our service is what keeps us in business. Snakit Foods produces wide selection of jerky  for every  taste preference. Our goal is to provide every customer with the best selection of unique jerky snacks.
We are driven by a common passion for adventures, striving for new achievements in demanding surroundings. We are highly educated and skilled chefs, nutrition experts, laboratory analysts, technicians and sales people sharing and inspiring each other, reaching places we could only dream of last year. That’s the heart in our product development. We know a lot of people are dependent on what we do. Because every mission and every need is both different and demanding. Therefore, our business has to be flexible with a rock solid base. It’s a family business thing.
We produce several types of PREMIUM dried meat snacks – Beef Jerky, Pork Jerky and Bacon Jerky.
– Our fun packaging and bright colors provide excellent contrast to the rest of the saturated line of meat jerky snacks.
– We have develop a full line of high quality, great tasting, competitively priced jerky snacks and daily products containing no GMO, no added fillers or by-products.
– For consumers reading the nutritional panels, they soon realize we are the healthier choice in most every comparison.
#FRESHNESS GUARANTEE# We guarantee our products to be the freshest you can buy. Our *OXY-free pack* keeps them as fresh all year long as if they were after leaving ovens.
#SAFE DELIVERY GUARANTEE# We guarantee safe delivery to you. You don’t have to worry about squashed boxes or broken packages.
#TOTAL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE# We guarantee your satisfaction when you buy our dried meats – no matter what. If for any reason you should ever be displeased, simply return the unused products to us for replacement or an immediate full cash refund.
#TOP SECRET# We are not saying it’s rocket science. We’re just not telling anyone how we do it. Because then everyone will do the same. So it’s for the eyes of key personnel, the Food Safety Authorities and the international certification associations only. But we can tell you an idea # Let’s put the door slightly ajar after drying process is finished …#
Our task is as simple as it is demanding – to preserve the great taste and natural energy. So we put our pride in preparing every dish gentle and delicate. We even hand pick every supplier and know the origin of every ingredient. We believe good food is made with patience. All our flavours are grown in their own pace.
Just like nature, it all comes naturally.